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  At early dawn when the air is crisp
And you're standing knee deep in a beautiful rip
You see a trout rise to an unknown fly
Then your heart starts to thump and you wonder why

by the late George W. Harvey, the first 4 lines of A Fly Fisherman,
in "Fly Fisherman" magazine, December, 2002.

Fly fishing invokes emotion like few other activities. Whether it is the spectacular scenery that fly fishing takes you to, the fulfillment of gracefully casting the line, the excitement of playing the colorful quarry, or the satisfaction one gets from releasing a fish, it is why many of us have made it a lifetime pursuit. With all the challenges that both today’s youth and our fragile world face, one of the greatest things you can do is to better connect a child to nature...and to his or her learning to fly fish.

Look who likes Reel Fun:

Reel Fun’s fly fishing instruction is not just another fishing class designed for kids, a 101, so to is a dynamic learning system intended get more youth active in the outdoors by way of fly fishing. Learning to fly fish doesn’t happen in one day, but all anglers were beginners at one point. Reel Fun recognizes this, and provides an introduction to the basics of fly fishing to students whether they are in P.E. (or “gym class” as we used to say) or a program outside of school within their community, including scouting and park programs.

Many students will start by wondering, “What is fly fishing?” Reel Fun answers that before getting to all the “how to” elements of fly fishing. Reel Fun also addresses the benefits of fly fishing so that students can answer “Why fly fish?” question. To be sure, while Reel Fun is a specially designed introduction for youth, it is loaded with practical tips to help cast a fly rod better and to catch more fish!

If you ever thought that it’d be great to see your child or student learn to fly fish, Reel Fun is a one of kind opportunity to start fly fishing instruction on the right foot! Our lessons are designed with the beginner in mind, ensuring that students have more fun learning to fly fish!